March 3, 2010


OneBookshelf, the company the owns and (and all the related speciality sites) is having it's annual GameMaster's Sale. It's the single biggest sales event of the year at those sites - and it's the best time to get the deepest discounts on literally thousands of PDFs. This is no Joke. That sale runs March 3rd through March 8th and all the eBooks from participating publishers are 25% off!!!

So, if you are hankering to catch up on your eBook/PDF gaming fix AND you don't mind supporting The Core Mechanic, please click the link below or the image above.

* The Core Mechanic is an OneBookShelf affiliate site, so I'll earn a small commission and you'll be supporting us if you do. Thank you!


  1. I want to thank you for this post. I have been eying the Serenity Role Playing Game for some time now. Your post sent me over to to finally buy it.

  2. My pleasure Youseph! I know I haven't been blogging all that much lately -- but whatever something important comes across my path I'll be sure to share it here on TCM.

    thanks for coming by!


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