June 6, 2010


Once again - I want to give a big big thanks to all the individuals and supporting publishing groups that stepped up to support Open Game Table Volume 2 with a Sponsorship.

To Stargazer's World, Gnome Stew, Engine Publishing, Silvervine Games, Sarah DarkMagic, Sea of Stars RPG, Tyches Games (a great FLGS in Athens, GA), Dragon Bones, Unconventional Dice, Chaotic Shiny Productions, Tabletop Armory, The Welsh Piper, Nevermet Press, Brian Fitzpatrick, Tony Hoffart, and Dan Swenson: THANK YOU!!!
We managed to raise over $500 towards the costs of providing all the 70+ authors, artists, and volunteers that worked on Volume 2 with complementary copies of the book. Printing and shipping is expected to run about $700 - but this is close enough. I think with the generous help of the existing sponsors, sales of OGTv1, ad and affiliate revenue from this website, and some extra help from my own funds I should be able to cover it. Thanks again for your help! The generosity of this community never fails to impress me. Bravo everyone! 

And here's the new cover design of the book. Aside from minor changes - this is what you'll get in August when the book is published and released at GenCon! What do you think?

(click for a bigger view)

Have any questions? Leave a comment and let me know!

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