July 3, 2010

Lulu Printing Fail - Open Game Table Vol. 2 (Update; Fixed?)

I posted earlier today that I had finally received a galley / proof copy of the new volume of Open Game Table. Despite a perfect looking PDF, the book Lulu sent me had missing fonts and garbled text on 12 pages in the book. Well, one thing that has surprised me is the "personal" service I've received. They have already refunded my order and, after I resent them the raw postscript file and a re-distilled version of the prepress PDF, they are shipping me a new copy of the book. They even suggested it was likely an error in their file server; or the offset that printed the book. Either way, the email I received indicated (again) that everything was looking good and I should have my book in a few days. I'll keep you in the loop.Although I doubt they physically checked the printing; at least they are responding in a short time during a holiday weekend (trying to stay positive!)

Once the proofs come in and they look 100% to specs - then I'll make use of all the EXTREMELY generous sponsorship funds and place a printing order for 75 copies. Once those come in, I'll box and ship them out to every volunteer who contributed to the project. Stay tuned!

I only pray I haven't run out of time; Studio2Publishing placed a deadline for mid-July for the book to be printed in time for GenCon. We shall see (fingers crossed!). I may have to deliver them myself...


  1. This is my first time to hear about Lulu printing. However, you made my day. Thanks for the new learnings.

  2. That's too bad. I think you should probably ask her again about the PDF she sent. There might be some errors while sending it.

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  3. I agree with the last comment. It might not be with your PC or printer but with the format of the PD.

  4. I have experienced this kind of problem before. I thought it was the printer that is broken or something, but actually it is the pdf file. I've spent many hours on how to solve the problem. Good thing, I figured it out.

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