March 5, 2009

Indie Press Revolution picks up Open Game Table

I am very happy to report that Open Game Table has been picked up by Indie Press Revolution, probably the leading online retailer of independently developed games, comics, and other -physical hold in your hands- hobby products. You should really check them out... there are some simply amazing books available at IPR.

Thank you IPR!

One of the really good things about IPR is that they are not only a direct online-retailer, but they also operate as a distributor for thousands of independently owned hobby, game, and book shops across the U.S.. This makes it possible for these retailors to connect with Open Game Table and stock a few copies on their own shelves. In otherwords -- this is a big win for Open Game Table, since one of the biggest goals of the project was to place the anthology on the bookshelves of game stores thus bringing the RPG blogging community into the realm of "the casual gamer" who may not be scouring the web to find us.

IPR will be carrying Open Game Table soon. I've just signed the contracts with them, and once I receive an ISBN number from Lulu - I'll be placing an order to have a few dozen copies of the book shipped off to IPR's warehouse. I'll keep you posted.


[ sry my blogging hasn't been about much other than OGT lately -- all my creative energy is focused on getting this out the door and getting the ball rolling for a successful launch. No worries though, my ramblings about RPGs will return soon. ]


  1. I'm buying you a beer at Gencon.

  2. So when can we expect to be able to buy our own copies?

  3. Can you tell me more about Open Game Table?

  4. @judd-sonofbert: Just read everything under the "Open Game Table" label and you should know everything there is to know about it.
    In short it's an anthology of rpg blog post.

  5. Thanks for all the well-wishing everyone!

    @vulcanstev - OGT will be available very soon. I need to coordinate things before I make it available for everyone to pruchase. I've ordered my galley proof's, those have to be physically inspected before I can feel comfortable publishing it publically. Also, I've applied for an ISBN number to be assigned to the book - and has also approved me as a small press publisher recently.. so, still a few more things to knock out before everything is a "GO!". I hoping to have it all sorted out in two weeks or less.

    On a side note -- Becuase I have decided to go "the distribution route" - which will hopefully push the book onto hobby shop store shelves - the book is going to list for $24.95. The price point was something I struggled with for a long time, but this was the price two people in the RPG industry _strongly_ suggested I sell it at. If you compare it to other 135+ page softback books on IPR or other sites (Amazon) hopefully you'll find it to be appropriate. The reason for raising the price (I wanted to sell it for $10/copy) was due to printing costs (small batches cost way more to print, and I'm NOT ordering 500+ copies at a time, which is minimum for an offset printer) and SHIPPING costs (oh my god.., don't get me started), and that retailors and distributors take a net total of ~60% off the list price. This leaves me with a very narrow margin. Considering I've logged over 200 hours of time working on this since october, I think its fair.

    @judd-sonofbert : well.. here's the link to the very first post about Open Game Table back in October. For the rest of the story, just click the "Open Game Table" tag link at the bottom of the above post. And.. welcome to The Core Mechanic!

  6. Glad to have you!

  7. Excellent news Jonathon.

    BTW - You misspelled my name in the credits :)

    It's DONOVAN Vig.

  8. Just to make the record straight, after working out the numbers and finding a slightly cheaper method for shipping the retail price of the book will end up being $22.95. I'm currently shooting for March 20th as the release date -- but until I have a physical galley proof in my hands, I won't make any official announcements about it. [crosses finger]

  9. I can't find this at IPR now. (I fell off the tuberweb for a couple of months and missed the release announcement.)

    Did they stop carrying it, or is their search function just broken?

  10. Actually... due to a problem with shipping from Lulu (they won't ship to IPR) and a somewhat better offer from Studio 2, IPR will not be carrying Open Game Table. Instead, Studio2Publishing will be our retail distributor. Here's the announcement.

  11. Oh! Studio2 does good work, and has excellent customer service. I really should write up a post about the Savage Worlds book they replaced for me. Thanks for the pointer!


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