March 22, 2009

Open Game Table NOW ON SALE!!!

Open Game Table aims to bridge the gap between the RPG blogging community and the broader table-top gaming fan base by showcasing the best talent in the RPG blogosphere. Within these pages are 47 blog posts from 32 top-quality RPG blogs, plus a Foreword written by RPG luminary Wolfgang Baur. After six months of hard work, I am very happy to say this anthology is finally here for your enjoyment!!!

Packed with the best in RPG blogging and over 60 illustrations, this book is Pure Gold. The anthology chapters cover a wide variety of topics for fans of all table-top roleplaying games, including:
  1. Play Style;
  2. Game Play;
  3. Characters & Players;
  4. Monsters & NPCs;
  5. Encounters, Settings, and Locations;
  6. Adventure Design;
  7. Campaign Setting Design;
  8. Classes, Action, and Equipment;
  9. RPG History & Commentary; and
  10. The RPG Toolbox.
This anthology is the result of the hard work of nearly 100 volunteers, authors, editors, judges, artists, and designers. A true grass roots effort; it is a tour de force of the RPG blogging universe.

The book is shipping from Lulu Marketplace and for $22.95. Soon, it will also be available from Indie Press Revolutions.

Want to support Open Game Table on your own blog or website? I would be honored! Please grab any OGT graphic on this page and link to the Lulu storefront or this post on The Core Mechanic.

These graphics kindly provided by Lee Barber, a contributing artist to the Open Game Table project.


  1. Great Work and thanks for your effort Jonathan! I've already ordered my copy based on the excellent reviews I've seen. I can't wait for my copy to arrive.

  2. Great! Thank you for all your support! Once you get your copy - you can help continue to support the ongoing Open Game Table initiative by revisiting the or the listings and leave a review and/or rating. Thanks again!

  3. I posted a link to the anthology on my blog and will be getting a copy myself sometime soon. I hope the anthology does great, thanks for all the work you've done.

  4. I got my copy the other day from Amazon, and I am absolutely floored and loving it. I'm making a point to share this book with my group and wanted to thank you for putting together a bunch of wonderful essays.

    I've never heard of many of these people, nor of the blogs themselves, although that tends to be a major obstacle when it comes to indie RPG stuff, but my eyes are now peeled.

    Thanks again for the book and the autograph!


  5. @Agent - thanks! I'm glad you are enjoying it! If you are curious as to how the project came to be - click the "Open Game Table" label/tag and you'll get all the updates back to its inception last October. As for the autographed copy - its one of the small perks of buying from Amazon as the copies first get sent to my home and then I have to remail them to Amazon's warehouse (yes... shipping twice sucks). Once (hopefully) this book gets a distributor, that will no longer be an option unless someone orders from me directly.

  6. I'd also like to say thanks for the autographed copy. That was a nice surprise!

    I'd read some of those blog posts before, but it's really nice to see them in hard copy!

    Looking forward to volume 2. :-)

  7. @gorthmog : np! my pleasure; thanks for your support! Vol 2 - yes; I hope so as well, but the book is going to have to sell far better than it has for that to happen (I have yet to break even). At this point, the best thing you can do to help contunued support of the project is to leave a review on Amazon or on the Lulu page sharing your thoughts (good/bad) about the book. Thanks again!

  8. I left a review on Amazon (good, of course!).

    I'm thinking about using Lulu to publish my gaming group's adventure logs. Your book turned out very nice!

    Do you recall what kind of paper you used? The "Publisher Grade" or the "Standard" paper? Publisher Grade is cheaper, but I'm worried it will be too transparent...

    Also, do you have any words of wisdom on publishing books via Lulu? Any problems or gotchas?

    Thanks in advance for the help!

  9. @gorthmog : OGT is published on "standard" paper - which is white interior paper (60# weight)

    advice? well... there's TONS I suppose maybe I could blog a few posts about it. The main thing is make sure your graphics are 1x and a minimum of 300 dpi. Also, uploading a PDF (using press quality settings) is WAY better than having them convert a word document for you - i tried it just for kicks and it really ended up looking messed up for some reason.


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