March 16, 2009

Pre-Order Open Game Table Today

Today, I'm very happy to report that Open Game Table: The Anthology of Roleplaying Game Blogs is available for pre-order via for $22.95. The book will be released on March 23rd (next Monday), at which time it will also be available for order directly from Marketplace. In addition, in the very near future the book will be available for wholesale distribution via Indie Press Revolution and Ingram (retailers: contact me directly for more information).

Open Game Table aims to bridge the gap between the RPG blogging community and the broader table-top gaming fan base by showcasing the best talent in the RPG blogosphere. Within its pages are 47 blog posts from 32 top-quality RPG blogs, plus a Foreword written by RPG luminary Wolfgang Baur. Packed with juicy content and over 60 illustrations, this book is Pure Gold.

The anthology chapters include a wide variety of topics for all RPGs:
  1. Play Style
  2. Game Play
  3. Characters & Players;
  4. Monsters & NPCs;
  5. Encounters, Settings, and Locations
  6. Adventure Design
  7. Campaign Setting Design
  8. Classes, Action, and Equipment
  9. RPG History & Commentary
  10. The RPG Toolbox.
This anthology is the result of the hard work of over 50 volunteers, authors, editors, judges, artists, and designers. A true grass roots effort; it is a tour de force of the RPG blogging universe.

Not sure if this book is worth its weight in gold? Check out these other blogs for some in-depth previews of the book and then decide for yourself - you will NOT be disappointed.
Have you seen a preview copy of the book? Then by all means, please let my readers here know what you thought.

Want to know more about Open Game Table? Then check out all these posts that have been tagged, or leave a question for me to answer!

Thank you for stopping by. I'm so stoked that this project is finally out the door with such a warm reception!


  1. Congratulations!

    By the way, it seems you missed my preview:


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