May 10, 2009

4Etopia - Returning to Forumland

In general, I hate Forumland...

But 4Etopia might change all that.

It was one of the main reasons why I started blogging about games. In looking for an outlet to discuss games and gaming in an increasing busy life; forums just always came up short. I always felt like they are too big, too noisy, and too impersonal. Blogging provides me with a smaller forum, a more personal interaction with blog readers, and better control of the topics I want to discuss. So, frustrated with the all too common decent into flaming balls of edition wars, I left Forumland about a year ago and all the ugly trolls and munchkins with it. So far, I have yet to see them come to the blogosphere in large numbers - although they do occasionally venture out into the light. Otherwise, I've been pretty happy with this medium.

But now a friend and collaborator of mine has started a new forum - focused on developing an online community dedicated solely to 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons. It's called 4Etopia, and its run by the same blogger who created the excellent blog At-Will. While I don't doubt that eventually the trolls and munchkins of Forumland will visit 4Etopia; I'm hopeful that - at least for now - they will also pass by and leave 4Etopia to its own devices. It's a forum created by and most frequented by RPG bloggers and RPG blog readers - this makes it a particularly different forum ecosystem than the megalithic ENWorld or Gleemax forums. So, if you are perhaps interested in finding a new voice and connecting with people with the same interest in the latest version of D&D - head on over to 4Etopia and join in on the discussions!


  1. thanks for the bump!

    I'm really excited about what's happening with 4eTopia right now, and even more excited about the future!

    Finally, a place where we can leave edition wars at the door, stretch our minds a bit, and relax. I invite everyone to stop by, and see what's going on at the forums! Introduce yourself and join the discussion!

  2. NP. I've also added the latest posts RSS feed to TCM's side bar. If anything it will let me see what going on over there without checking two sites. =D


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