May 9, 2009

Open Game Table Update

It's been a while since I'm mentioned the status of Open Game Table and how it is progressing. How should I say this... the good news is that Open Game Table is now available from Barnes & Noble's online store! Currently there are zero reviews posted there, so if you own a copy and want to help out -- please leave a review there and let people know what you think of the anthology. The other good news is that I'm working with Studio 2 Publishing to print Open Game Table directly. If we can iron out the details in time, they will have the anthology available from their retail booth at Origins 2009 and at Gen Con 2009 (which will be cool!, because I plan to attend Gen Con for the first time this year). In addition, the retail release for Open Game Table (for hobby and game shops) is currently slated for September. So, this is tons of good news I think; the only bad news is that I personally have yet to break even on the project.

Oh well, it's a labor of love; and hopefully the exposure the book will get at Origins and Gen Con will be enough for it to generate some retail sales come September and I'll break even then. Of course, if you are still wavering on picking yourself up a copy - the book is also available from and at a 10% discount.


  1. That's wierd...I see a review there now :)

    We need more though!

    Good work on this, Jonathan.

  2. That's good news. By the way, have you submitted the OGT to the ENnies?

  3. No I have not yet done that. When is the deadline? I should check it out; I think I have a few copies laying around that I could send it to the judges; may need to order more to have enough (I think they need like 6 or something).

    Think OGT has any chance of winning anything?


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