February 4, 2010

Jididanondaidtopa - My Son's First RPG Character

Last month, I reviewed a game called Faery Tales, an RPG aimed at introducing the hobby to kids. My son, age 5, and I have been slowing reading through the introductory book together. He's genuinely interested in playing, dispite the absence of light sabers, lego batmen, or sponge bobs - which is encouraging. We haven't really started playing an earnest campaign yet - but we have been talking about his "character" and what he does and what his abilities are.

And this is the part that cracks me up.

His faery character is a sprite - the only stock sword and board style faery you can play in the game. I asked him to write down his character's name and to draw a picture of him. The result was a total genre mashup of faery + things that explode + ninjas + cookie cutters (?!). I'm at a loss of words, so I'll just leave you with the snap shot of his illustration...

I added the inset descriptions with the arrows, according to my sons description. "Exploding Sword that Throws Bombs" is priceless. And yes, the character's name is Jididanondaidtopa. I have no idea what the heck that is supposed to mean. And no, "there's no nickname daddy - you have to say the whole name every time..." 

I don't know if i should be proud, scared, or both...


  1. It's cute...I vote for being proud :)

  2. There is a level of genius to your son. "You've made me read this book of RULES, I'm going to get back at you by playing the system against you. My character (which I own, it is mine) does not shorten his name.

    Kids 1. Adults 0.

  3. Hahahahaha...that's brilliant. Scary, yes, but brilliant.

  4. there's no nickname daddy - you have to say the whole name every time

    Now that is priceless. Jididanondaidtopa, say it with me jidida-nonda-idtopa! The idtopa bit is somewhat clumsy but the rest just rolls off your tongue. Funny stuff.

  5. Sounds awesome. I have a five year old as well, and might be interested in trying out this Faery Tales game too. I look forward your sharing any experiences you have with the game mechanics.

  6. Sounds good! I just had an artist friend of mine email me a sketch adaptation of my sons illustration.. LOL!!

    @Brian -- looks like we are neighbors! (checked out your blogger profile). I just finished a postdoc at the NIH a little over a year ago.

  7. I've been playing Faery's Tale with my 8 and 5 year old girls (and my wife!), and it is a lot of fun. You can easily tailor the game to have less crunch and more fluff. Plus you can do a whole session in an hour or less, which is a good length for kids.

    Have fun!

  8. Rob Torno, and artist I know through Nevermet Press, has taken upon himself to ink up an illustration of Jadida-nonda-idtopa; for use as a coloring page for my son. I've seen the sketch, it's awesome - even includes the cookie cutter on the pixie's forehead... I'll post it on TCM once Rob sends me the final ink.

  9. Awesome!

    This reminds me of Axe Cop. Are you reading that? It's a comic written by a 5-year old boy and illustrated by his 30-year old brother.



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