February 21, 2010

Pick Up a Six Pack of Dragon (But Dragon Dew is Still Better)

This ad brought to you by the wayback machine (circa a 1990's Dragon Magazine).

Some marketing campaigns just work I guess. Check out this one from this year (I know - old news to some... but still!)

Personally... I would have preferred the cans. Jones Soda for D&D is just odd...

You would think they would partner with Mountain Dew or Krispy Kreme though. I mean... JONES SODA??? What... are all D&D players a bunch of Wholefoods shopping health nuts? I think not. Odd choice of marketing partners IMHO. I mean.. instead they should have picked Mountain Dew. Check out the cool DRAGON DEW bottle below... 

mmmmm... Mountain Dew. 

At least Blizzard and Bungie figured out that GAMERS PREFER MOUNTAIN DEW.

What I wouldn't give for a Savage Worlds can of Red Bull... 

Or a Deadlands bottle of Jack Daniels... now that would be aweshum!

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