November 5, 2010

Brother Ptolemy & The Hidden Kingdom (4E D&D) Now Available!

We are very happy to announce that our first print offering, Brother Ptolemy & The Hidden Kingdom, is now available! The Hidden Kingdom is 110-page 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons adventure setting for 5th level characters. Brother Ptolemy & The Hidden Kingdom will be available in retail stores in January, but you don’t have to wait!
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Fans on Facebook and followers of our blog can order direct starting today! Plus, as an exclusive bonus to our fans, if you order Brother Ptolemy & The Hidden Kingdom before November 30th, 2010 - we'll send you a copy of the PDF eBook for FREE! All you have to do is...
  1. Order Brother Ptolemy & The Hidden Kingdom in PRINT.
  2. Snap a picture of the book - in your yard, in your hand, with your dice... whereever! The crazier the better!
  3. Upload your picture of Brother Ptolemy & The Hidden Kingdom to our Facebook fan page.
That's it! Everyone who does this by November 30th will get an email with an exclusive link to a free copy of the PDF. But... it get's better! The person who takes the most laughable snapshot of our book will also get a free copy of either Open Game Table Volume 1 or 2 (their choice) in PRINT for free! Snap!
What is Brother Ptolemy & The Hidden Kingdom? Check out the back cover of the book and find out!