June 3, 2009

The Face of New School...

Inspired by this excellent post over at Zach's RPG Blog II, I just had to poke fun at myself and everyone else with this ...


  1. I don't get how Sonic, the beloved figure of my childhood, who was so amazing back then and has now become a heroin addicted corporate whore of the gaming industry, has become the face of new school...

    Then again I'm not understanding how sandbox can be the defining trait of old school because if that were the case then exalted would be the most old school game ever. And if that makes you laugh as hard as it makes me then we're on the same page.

  2. Oh, and for the record, it is still funny. I just had additional thoughts to add is all.

  3. Agreed, but then again, exalted makes me want to stab myself in the face.

    I say the old school poster should have a picture of dirk the daring being skeletonized by a hundred severed hands that just happened to be chilling in the closet.

    Caption: Old school, cuz wanting to win is stupid.

  4. @Donny, oh do tell why the face stabbing? I like to hear people's individual hatreds of Exalted, I find no two are exactly alike.

  5. @Donny: Nah. The old school poster should be the b+w illo from the 1E DMG of the moustachioed guy staring in terror at the rot grubs burrowing into his arms. The Motivator caption being: "Old School. Because losing is fun."

    (with apologies to Dorf Fortress)

  6. You guys prompted me to make the Old School one... heh..


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