June 15, 2009

I'm NOT old school blog!? Curse you Evil Bunnies!!! And random $10 prizes...


Some very EVIL bunnies seemed to have infiltrated my blog. And now they are forcing me to post this non-sequitur survey in the wee-wee-wee hours of the morning. AND they stole all my waffles!!!

Ok, it's thinly veiled... but that's the point, right? I'll give away a $10 gift certificate to RPGNow.com to one lucky entry... but I'm picking the winner using an algorithm that strictly depends on Hidden Markov Models and Eigenvectors... so.. Good Luck!

Also -- anyone interested in the Old School gaming "movement" should jump over to Chgowiz's blog and take his survey. (http://oldguyrpg.blogspot.com/2009/06/id-rather-ask-for-answers-than-argue.html)

So THIS is what happens when you blog at 2:45 AM...

1 comment:

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