May 4, 2010

Introducing Open Game Table Volume 2

It's 1:17 AM - so I'll make this quick. The next volume of Open Game Table is going to be available at GenCon 2010. Retail distribution of the book begins in September. And YES (to those who are wondering) an eBook/PDF version will be released at the same time (instead of months later). And yes - that artwork down there is from Rob Torno - and it's awesome.

Now go, and enjoy the awesome cover that is coming your way soon!

A final note - we WILL be looking for Individual Sponsors and Corporate Sponsors for this project. Our goal is to raise $750 to offset the printing, packaging, and shipping costs associated with provide each of the writers, artists, editors, peer reviewers, and other volunteers with complementary copies of the book. I'll be making an official call for sponsors later this week - but for now; just know it's coming.

Thank you! -- Jonathan

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