May 25, 2010

Triple Your Value - Johnn Four's Roleplaying Tips & Open Game Table Sponsorships

Johnn Four, the man behind the long running Role Playing Tips eNewsletter, has offered to give the first five Heroic Tier Sponsorships of Open Game Table Volume 2 free adspace in an upcoming issue of his eZine - a $50 value!

This was very unexpected and super cool of him to step forward this way and offer his support.

So... at the Heroic Tier Sponsorship level, not only will your company or blog's logo appear on the back cover of Open Game Table Vol. 2 as a sponsor of the project - but you will also get to triple your value by reaching out to tens of thousands of subscribers of Roleplaying Tips (currently in it's 489th Issue!). BRAVO Mr. Four - and thank you!

More generous sponsorships include interior ad space for you blog or company as well. Individuals, who lean towards random acts of kindness, are also encouraged to support the project. Jump over to the Sponsorship post to see more details.

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