May 25, 2010

Open Game Table Sponsorships - Now Available As Statblocks!

There is this one issue that I have not yet resolved. In creating the first volume of Open Game Table in 2009, each and every volunteer who contributed to the project was provided with a free copy of the book once it was published. These free copies, coupled with the two dozen copies I sent out to people for reviews, amounted to over 70 copies of the book printed and shipped at my expense. I knew what I was getting into, and I knew that it was a cost well spent. With the help of a few sponsors (Thank You Otherworld Miniatures & Rogue Games!)  last year, I was able to foot the bill for the printing and shipping of these comp' copies. But this year, the financial outlook is not as bright and I'm simply not in a position to make the same gesture. However, my desire to provide each of the contributors with comp copies of the book remains the same: I think this is the right thing to do, and they should all - at the very least - be provided with a copy of the book that features their work!

This is where you come in - I'm hoping that the fans of this blog, and of Open Game Table, can help.

So - beginning today - and starting right now - I am making an open call for sponsorships of the project. I've applied for a project ID, but until/if/when that happens I'll be working to arrange for funding myself. I need to raise $750 to cover the costs of printing and shipping the comp copies of the books to the contributors. So - to do that, I've put together a sponsorship proposal below. The jist of it is basically - any game company, publisher, merchant, blog, or individual who wants to sponsor Open Game Table can do so by purchasing sponsor space inside the book. In addition, anyone who contributed at least $25 will have the option to include their logo or name on the back cover of the book, in full color, under a heading that will read something like "Open Game Table, Vol. 2 was made possible by these generous sponsors..." [with the logo's covering much of the back of the book instead of just two spots]. I've put together a bunch of options for people to choose from - and hopefully some of you can dig deep and make a big impact.

click below to see the full size image

Please choose your sponsorship level from the diagram above - and then click the button below to become a sponsor. I will be in touch by email within 48 hours to make any further arrangements and to give you my personal thanks for supporting the project.

And yes - the sponsorships are statblocks - becuase I know that we gamers would rather things to be in statblocks whenever possible... =D

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