May 26, 2010

OGT Sponsorships - Again? Yes, because this community rocks!

By "this community" I mean the community RPG blogs, indie publishers, fans, blog readers, and general awesome gamers out there. I wanted to post again today to add a BIG BIG THANK YOU to several people who were the first to step forward and add their support to Open Game Table, Volume 2, by becoming Sponsors of the project. A big shout out to

Michael Wolf, the author of Stargazer's World, for his continued support of OGT! He was the first to Sponsor the project!

Dan Swenson, David Martin, and Tony Hoffart  for being the among first to support OGT as individuals!

Martin Ralya and John Arcadian - and their associated companies Silvervine Games, Engine Publishing, Gnome Stew, and Con on the Cob - for their Legendary and Paragon Level Sponsorships!!!

Sea of Stars RPG designer and Tyches Games owner Sean Holland, for his Paragon Level Sponsorship!

Thank you everyone for your support, trust, and enthusiasm for Open Game Table! You have no idea how important it is to me that this level of support came so quickly! In ~24 hours I've managed to raise about 50% of the funds I need to cover the printing costs of the complementary copies of the book. So we are not out of the woods yet. I still have a ways to go!

I've sent inquiry letters to a half-dozen game companies that you probably have heard of - asking them to support the project. Hopefully I will hear back from them soon and get the added support we need.

In the meantime - if, as an individual or as a company, you would like to support the volunteers who helped make the next volume of Open Game Table a reality - then please jump over to Monday's post and check out the offerings we have set up, and why we are asking for the community to pitch in. There's a wide range of sponsorship levels available - from Community Sponsor all the way up to Legendary!

Cheers! -- Jonathan.

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