July 18, 2008

4E Conversions: The Talontar Blightlord Template

OK... and here's the template I promised for the Talontar Blightlord. This template is based on the prestige class of the same name, featured in the 3rd Edition Dungeons & Dragons accessory The Unapproachable East. Enjoy! and please leave some comments and let me know what you think.

Talontar Blightlord
Prerequisite: Humanoid, Level 10.

Talontar Blightlord
Elite Controller (Leader)
XP Elite
Senses Low-light
+2 AC; +2 Fortitude; +2 Will
Saving Throws
Hit Points
+8 per level + Constitution score
The Talontar Blightlord is immune to all diseases and Blightspawned creatures completely ignore them, unless commanded to do otherwise (see below).
Unnatural Command (standard; at-will) Necrotic, Disease
Close burst 5 (8 at 21st level) ; level + 5 vs. Will; The Talontar Blightlord's commands are obeyed by all affected Blightspawn and evil nature creatures (save ends).
Blight Touch (standard; recharge 6) Necrotic, Disease, Weapon
Level + 5 vs. Reflex; On a successful hit, the Talontar Blightlord infects the target with level 16 Blight Disease (level 26 Blight Disease if the Talontar Blightlord is level 26 or higher).
Black Glaive (standard; at-will) Necrotic, Weapon
Any glaive wielded by the Talontar Blightlord gains Lvl 13 Frostburst Weapon (see below). The level of the Frostburst Weapon scales such that it increases, but is never greater than Talontar Blightlord's level. The Talontar Blightlord can also deliver Blight Touch as a free-action from Black Glaive attacks.
Trained Skills Arcana, Nature, Heal, Perception.
Feats Toughness.

Frostburst Weapon functions similar to Fireburst Weapon (page 234, 4th Edition Player's Handbook) except that targets of the Frostburst receive 1d8 additional damage and are slowed until the end of the their next turn. Damage increases at level 12 and level 18 to 2d8 and 3d8 respectively.

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