July 12, 2008

The Treasures of Ashardalan: New Magic Gear to Add to Your Campaign

Dragon #365 featured a collection of magic arms and armor (and other gear) entitled "The Treasures of Ashardalan". The article is part of the new column "Bazaar of the Bizarre" that, hopefully, will be a regular addition to Dragon Magazine especially given that there is somewhat of a dearth of magic gear present in the 4th Edition Player's Handbook. I'm looking forward to soaking up each of these articles and adding to my own collection. You can pick up this article from the Dragon page, part of D&D Insider.
In my opinion, the available items in the 4the Edition Player's Handbook just don't quite cut it.

Where are you getting your gear from to add to your campaigns? Is it all custom made, or are you relying on Official sources much like I am (at least at this point)? By the end of 3rd Edition, there were literally thousands of pre-made items from hundreds of sources.

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