July 8, 2008

'Sage Advice' Website Blows...

OK, this post is not so much a discussion of rules as a comment on the discussion of rules. For years, no decades, Dungeon Magazine has had a monthly column called 'Sage Advice'. It was basically a letter to the editor that usually asked about some rule and how it be handled in some specific, rare situation. The response was usually a crystal clear clarification of the rule in question coupled with an imaginative example it in play. 'Sage Advice' has been a go-to resource for anyone confused about some aspect of the game (usually the DMs). Well, I've just discovered that the new Sage Advice has been pulled from Dragon Magazine (now an online part of D&D Insider). Instead, the wunder-genius's at Hasbro have outsourced the Sage Advice column to a drab, bare bones online 'help desk' website run by custhelp.com. WTF??! You would think they would at the very least include Sage Advice as part of the main D&D website. I'm sure (sarcasm) the same content will be there - but there is something different about player's questions being answered by customer service reps versus a real game designer or content author. Check it out at this link and let me know what you think in the comments: "D&D SAGE ADVICE".

Up next... we'll dive into Saving Throws and how they play out at the 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons game table.

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  1. At least D&D has a age advice column. Star Wars players are relagated to infrequesnt "Jedi Counseling" online posts and numerous online erratas.


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