November 29, 2008

Around the blogs...

Wow.. even when out of town I somehow manage to get this weekly update out the door. Let's see what I've been reading this week...
Well... it's a day late, but that's it for this week. Hope the links find some use to you. In the meantime...

TOMORROW IS THE DEADLINE for the RPG Blog Anthology!

If there has been any post from my blog that you might think worthy of the Anthology, please submit it by tomorrow. Since I'm organizing the Anthology, I can't submit (obviously) my own work.

Want to help shape the future of RPG blogging? Click here to volunteer to be a reviewer for or submit a RPG blog to the upcoming 2008 Anthology of Roleplaying Game Blogs! Also, if you fill out our survey - you can win a free copy of the Anthology!


  1. May I just highlight my own alignment related post Evil in D&D with its modest five comments?

  2. Yes! thank you.. the above links are just _some_ of the articles I've been reading on alignment. You article is also on my own personal longer list. Thanks for adding the link!


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