November 8, 2008

Arounds the Blogs...

Well... its Saturday again, and my crazy ass week of secret interviews are over (crosses-fingers). At about 5:45 pm yesterday I stepped through the doorway of my house and let out one of the biggest sighs in recent memory. 12 interviews in one day, for the same position, was tough.

But despite all that, I still managed to get some reading in. Here's what I'll point you towards reading for this past week:
  • The 4th RPG Blog Carnival announcement is already shaping up to be excellent. The topic this month is "Religion", and everyone is pitching in so I suggest heading over to the initial announcement and reading through the comments and the links therein. It looks like its going to be a big month.
  • Speaking of the RPG Carnivals, the 3rd RPG Blog Carnival is all wrapped up over at Musings of the Chatty DM. The topic was "Superheros", so if you are into that sort of thing I suggest jumping off over to Phil's blog and checking out his wrap up of the carnival.
  • Wyatt over at Turbulent Thoughts is awesome. He has posted a sticky at the top of his blog that announces the RPG Blog Anthology, and he is going to keep it there "until the anthology’s done". Wohoo!
  • The was a post over at FolkNation titled simply "Demon", which may have been the inspiration for my version of The Incubus I posted yesterday. If you are looking for a history of demons and demonology - this is a excellent place to start.
  • "D&D's Biggest Problem" is an older post over at Grognardia that I stumbled upon last week - J.M. makes a number of very solid points about how the game has changed in 30 odd years. It is definitely a good read for anyone who may be interested in D&D history - and possibly having a bit of an eye opener.
  • Jonathan Drain points us to "300 RPG Text files" from the 1980's and 90's. My favorite? "The Complete Guide to Alcohol for Fantasy Role-Playing Games". Heh...
  • PatrickWR scores a win with his post "Keeping Stuff Random", where he is "rediscovering the magic of the random encounter table". Dead-on - my kind of thinking. Being that I'm a 4E player/DM who loves the old school - this sort of post was right up my ally. Heck, he even talks about Gygaxian Naturalism - something I've gone off the deep-end with before as well.
Well, that is about it for now. I'm still collecting a list of articles from past issues of DRAGON that dealt with Religion (the topic of this month's RPG Blog Carnival) - I may post the list I have thus far tomorrow.

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