January 3, 2009

Around the Blogs... New Years Resolutions...

Maybe I'll come around to making my own New Year's Resolutions, but for now I'll link to all the RPG bloggers who have already made theirs. This way... we can all hold their feet to the fire come next New Years! Hahaha! What's even better is this month Berin Kinsmen of UncleBear.com is hosting the RPG Blog Carnival - and the topic is "New Year's Gaming Goals & Resolutions", so I expect many many more blogs making resolutions as the month passes on by.
  • ChattyDM's New Year's goals.
  • Oddysey's made her 8 resolutions at How to Start a Revolution in 21 Days or Less.
  • Nuketown's got a great list of resolutions, including "Write for three other gaming web sites/magazines" - something I hope to also accomplish.
  • Of course, MadBrewLabs and At-will both have their own resolution lists; and I'm happy that they have both added "more collaboration with other RPG bloggers" to their lists. We've already worked together on the Skill Challenges of War series (still ongoing), and I look forward to future projects as well.
  • While not really a resolution list - Greywulf has put together a 2009 Dragon Calendar as a free-downloadable PDF. Very cool - go grab it here. Thank you GW!
  • James Maliszewski, author of Grognardia, presents his prophecies of 2009 in "What the Future Holds". As to the need for a big name publisher to pick up old school RPG games, JM says "the reality is that such products aren't going to reach gamers who aren't plugged in to the back alleys of the gaming world". Probably spot on correct.
  • And finally, my favorite New Year's resolution list - GEEKDAD at Wired.com presents his list of 10 cool things all geeked out. My favorite? "Will not feel bereft when Battlestar Galactica finally ends, by remembering that Caprica is coming in 2010". You sir, may have another beer on me.
That's about it for this morning. Have a great weekend!

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