January 27, 2009

RPG Blog Anthology Weekly Update

OK, it's a day late - these updates usually come on Mondays. may have also noticed my blogging frequency has significantly dropped in the last week. Let's just say "I've been swamped!" The Anthology project is now full-steam ahead as I am digging through the final entries, doing all the layout and design, and working with the other volunteer editors and artists. It is a huge amount of work - typical for me to propose a project having no idea how much effort will be required to carry it to the finish line.

OK, enough of my whining - what's been done in the last week? Well...

A sample, or demo, chapter was put together and used as a working document with the editors to finalize font choices, basic layout designs, artwork placements, etc.. The biggest hurdle for me was to wrap my head around the use of "document styles" to control all the formatting. It makes sense of course, but I'm so thankful to have such an excellent team of professional editors to go to for advice, editing, and proofreading input. The chapter that was on was "Chapter 9 - RPG History & Commentary". It includes blog posts from such RPG luminaries as Ben Robbins, James Maliszewski, Jeff Rients, Berin Kinsman, and James Edward Raggi IV. The chapter weighs in at 16 pages (~11,000 words) and includes original artwork crafted specifically for each blog post by Crystal Frasier, James Keegan, and Jennifer Weigel. You can

I was very satisfied with the final edit of Chapter 9, so dove next into probably the hardest, and longest, chapter next: "Chapter 8 - 4th Edition: Classes, Equipment & Action Points". I've already finished the first draft of this chapter and it is expected to be no less than 30 pages once everything is all said and done. Just waiting on additional artwork and the first round of feedback from the assistant editors. Stargazer has already even blogged about it here, and seems to like what he is seeing. Wohoo! Hopefully next week I'll have some more information for you.

I'm also very pleased to let you know that I've received a number of additional pieces of original artwork for the Anthology in the last week. Below is a sampling of some the artists provided to me - final inks will be forthcoming. Can you guess what blog posts these might be for?

Hugo Solis

Jennifer Weigel
If you are interested in being an Individual Sponsor, please feel free to use the PayPal link below to donate. Your help is deeply appreciated and will go a long long way towards making this project a reality for everyone involved. These funds are going to be used to cover the printing costs for the complementary copies of the book that will be sent to the contributing authors and artists. I am honored and humbled that so many folks have pitched in to help support this project; thus far I've managed to raise about $280, which is more than half-way towards my personal goal of raising $500 to help offset the costs of printing, but unfortunately I haven't received any new sponsors in the last week. Want to help out? Become a Private Sponsor! Even small donations for a few bucks will be appreciated!

For companies or other RPG industry people - several advertising spots are still available! These include the inside first page (b&w) and half of the outside back cover (in full color). Please contact me for more information at jonathan DOT jacobs AT gmail DOT com. Advertising sponsorships will also be used to offset the printing costs for complementary copies being sent to the authors, artists, and volunteers.

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