January 8, 2009

Existere - A Map of RPG Blogs & Gaming Cons

The RPG blogging community continues to grow, evolve, and refine itself. Last year we saw the RPG Bloggers Network go live and millions of bloggers stampeded to get in on the action (ok... maybe not millions). Then, the RPG Blog Carnival was started, and we all began to work together by blogging together about shared topics. And of course, we all know about my other project... OPEN GAME TABLE, and Anthology that hopes to highlight the best in the RPG blogging community.

But, where are all these bloggers? Ed Healy suggested we all let each other know our real-world locations so that we could cover conventions, have meet ups, plan bigger projects, and just generally take over the whole gaming industry (OK... what was in my last cup of coffee). So, I now present you a growing map to the world with the location of where we EXIST.

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As you can see, we are spread out all over the place, but we band together daily nonetheless. Are you an RPG blogger? Then add your thumbnail to the map! Is there a convention missing that should be added to the map? Then add one to the map!

What new, great, aweshum, schoewKewl project will the RPG blogging community come up with next? What does 2009 have in store for us? Please DO TELL!!!


  1. I would definitely add mine, if it were up to me, but I'm kind of having to keep my location mostly secure save for a few people. No, it's not witness protection, don't worry ;)

    I would cover cons if any happened around my area worth mentioning. Most of them would be miles away though, I live in the middle of Floral Nowhere

  2. Hmmmm... Floral Nowhere... must be a riddle. Florrrra... nowhere. I give up. =D

  3. So how do I add myself to the map?

  4. @DAVID : Click "Add your thumbnail to the map" link about, then once the map is loaded, look up your location using SEARCH, then choose "Save to My Maps" and the RPG Bloggers Map should be in your list; since it's public.

  5. Done and done. Added myself and Nuke-Con, our local convention. :)


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