January 7, 2009


Well, what are you going to submit?

It seems the indy game industry is slowly ramping up to embrace 4E Dungeons & Dragons, with or without signing the GSL. The latest addition to the fray is an announcement today from Goodman Games that

"This is an open call for 4E game designers who want to contribute to Book of Rituals, a hardback compilation that will see print in the fall."
It's a paid gig, and they are looking for both amateurs as well as professionals. So, if your looking for a way to test the RPG publishing waters, this might be just the ticket. I know I'll be submitting a few. I mean... why not!?

... Wow it's been a busy week


  1. bleh 4E. If it were 3.5 or Pathfinder I'd be interested but not remotely interested in 4E.

  2. Goodman has been supporting 4e from switching over their DCCs, so this is really more of a continuation for them.

    Interesting stuff, though! Good luck with your submissions--knock 'em dead!

  3. I probably won't be submitting anything, as all the (actually decently unique) rituals I have created are for my Eden project and I wouldn't want to deprive my readers of that by trying to sell it off. Trying to come up with a unique ritual after that would be a pain.


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