January 17, 2009

Around the blogs...

Saturday is the weekly wrap up! Let's review what I've been reading (and not just scanning) this week.
  1. More Firearms for 4the Edition from Key our Cars. "Warhammer Firearms for DnD". This is a good complement to Stargazer's article on new 4E firearms, as well as my own post sometime ago that brought current some ranged weapons from past editions.
  2. More about Skill Challenges. I seem stuck on this topic lately, can't seem to get enough of it. Gamefiend at At-Will kicked off a new series this week, "How to Design a Skill Challenge, Part 1: Theory of Choice". This seemed very timely, since Donny_the_DM posted a new skill challenge in "I need another opinion, can I get a hand?", and then after some input from his readers (including yours truly), he updated his challenge with "...Adrift in a sea of flesh and steel...a 4E skill challenge of survival.". Josh, over at Pair O'Dice Games, also presents a new skill challenge about removing treasure from a dungeon in "Trapped Under Ground With a Whole Lot of Loot". Excellent stuff.
  3. Gaming and the Economy. Well it's a good thing that GenCon is finally scheduled to emerge from bankruptcy, considering that the crappy economy might be a good thing for the gaming industry. Trask, over at LivingDice.com, had a survey recently about this but the results were mixed. I remain hopeful.
  4. New Feats, Spells, Magic Books - this is just a quick link dump of some interesting posts I bookmarked for possible future use
    1. 4e New Magical Items: Tomes of Wondrous Power - overpowered but very cool, from Dicemonkey.com
    2. New Feats: Meta…power? (Metamagic feats for 4E, also from Dicemonkey)
    3. Conversion: Hold Person - I just love this one. Very nicely done IMHO; from Onebadegg.com.
  5. Otherworld Miniatures - thanks to Mike Mearls for giving the heads up about the owner of Otherworld Miniatures, who recently has fallen ill. This 1-man outfit produces some of the best old-school miniatures I've seen, and he also happens to be an Advertising Sponsor for the RPG Blog Anthology I'm working on. So, if you are in the market for some very cool new mini's - jump over there and put an order in for some right now!
  6. Blogging and Self-Publishing - not really RPG related, but I've been doing a ton of reading lately on self-publishing, blogging, career development, etc. Two posts jumped out at me that gave some very excellent advice on these subjects:
    1. Joanna at Confident Writing posts "What Advice Would You Give to New Bloggers?" While I don't really consider myself "new" - I still found this post helped in reminding myself what some of the basics were.
    2. As for self-publishing, this is a big area of research for me, especially because so much of what is out there is extremely biased. Fortunately, David Carnoy at CNET Reviews posted a bit off topic for his tech blog with the post "Self-publishing a book: 25 things you need to know". The article, and the comments, were priceless. Super good article on the subject.
Well, that's about it for today. Have a great weekend!


  1. Wouldn't it be cool if a side effect of the poor economy meant more families actually spent time together at home?

    "D&D (or your favorite game) bringing families together for cheap, yet valuable fun,"

  2. I liked that blogger advice article quite a bit. Especially the "there's no one way to blog" rule. I started out from zero and cursed, insulted, clawed and groaned up to 1 with massive posts that would probably make most people swoon and faint.

  3. @Madbrew : yes. if my kids were older, they would definitely be at my game table. Heck, my wife is already the "new DM in town" - and once my two sons are old enough I'm sure we'll have one house of dorks on our hands.

    @Wyatt : Glad you found it useful. The net is stuffed with those sorts of articles, but occasionally you find a good one. That blog, in general, produces very good posts and tons of comment dialog as well.

  4. Hey Jonathan,
    many thanks for the comprehensive list, especially the advice on blogging article caught my eye and I find it very useful. Looking forward to read more from you (damn I hate it that so many great bloggers like the fourth edition :) ).

  5. Markus, thanks for stopping by! Glad the blogging article helped out. I may very well sprinkle a few of those articles into future "Around the Blogs..." wrap ups.


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