February 28, 2009

Around the blogs...

It had been a while since I've included an "Around the blogs..." update on my readings of RPG related goodness. Here's the list!
  • Warning! Warning! Reveal, an author over at RPGCentric, cracked me up with their post "Be careful with that scroll: Warning labels in D&D!". Lighthearted posts like this just come along often enough.
  • Don't Argue with a Wulf. Once again I find myself largely in agreement with Greywulf's "Why 4E D&D is Old School". There's a feisty discussion tagged on this post as well, 46 comments as of this post. Although I agree with most of what Greywulf's point about playstyle - I still think that the goal of 4E is very different from what the focus of old school D&D was all about.
  • Gygaxian what? Purple Pawn author shadejon tries to define what Grognardia's "gygaxian" exactly is with "What is Gygaxian?". Some nice links that might also drop you in ForumLands (you have been warned).
  • Skill Challenge Design. At-will's gamefiend continues his series on How to Design a Skill Challenge with Part 3 (Nesting) and Part 4 (Sequencing). The whole series is worth a read - and considering I'm collaborating with him and Mad Brew Labs on a project, I'd better be reading it too.
  • New Skill Challenges. Speaking of SC's -- Dungeon's Master.com released "Skill Challenge: Rightful Heir" recently. With no comments, would someone stop by and tell him 'hello!'?
  • Map Generation. Although Stargazer's website always crashes my browser at work, I still glad I was able to read "Roleplaying City Map Generator" at home on my trusty Mac. Hopefully the creator of that software is OK with him hosting it for download... so grab it quick!
  • Pimp My Ride. Berin Kinsman rules. He rules so much that he recently pimp'ed the Open Game Table anthology project over at PulpGamer.com's podcast "PGOC 070: More On Mechanics"!
Well.. that's about it for this Saturday. Have a great weekend! See you back here soon!


  1. Great roundup as ever, jonathan. And I'm not just saying that because you agree with me :D

  2. Hey, Jonathan, thanks for the shout out. "Rightful Heir" was the ninth skill challenge we posted in February. If you're looking for quick and easy skill challenges you can just drop into your existing campaign, please come by Dungeon's Master and check us out.

  3. Hmm, my site is crashing your browser? What are you using at work?
    And I think the creator of the City Map Generator does not mind, since he relased his software as freeware. So it was probably his intent to make it widely available to gamers everywhere. And since his site is down, I think there's no harm in hosting it.

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