February 9, 2009

RPG Blog Anthology Weekly Update : Wolfgang Baur Contributes!

Wolfgang Baur has offered to write the foreword for the RPG blog anthology! Well, I suppose this has been the biggest development in the last week for the Open Game Table project. We are very excited about this news! Wolfgang's contribution will certainly give the anthology a major boost in credibility and exposure. I'm looking forward to his thoughts on the future of table-top roleplaying games!

Oh, maybe you don't know who Wolfgang Baur is? Well, check out his website site here or hop over to Kobold Quarterly. A list of his contributions to the RPG community for the last ~20 years or so can be seen at Pen & Paper here. Monte Cook also interviewed him as well. Let's just say -- I'm stoked.

In other Open Game Table news -- all the chapters have been put through a first draft and I'm in the process of assembling the final manuscript into one document. So far, it's looking to be about 120 pages in length (~85,000 words) at 8.5 x 11. The artists who are contributing have until the end of the week to send in their final inks, so as I receive them I'll be adjusting the layouts as needed. Also, I'm hoping to have made a decision about the cover art by the end of next weekend - that, along with Baur's foreword, will be one of the final pieces needed for the book.

Some of you have emailed me asking about a timeline - well, since this is a self-published book there's really no hard and fast deadlines. However, I do not want to get too far into 2009 before the book is published. That being said, I'm expecting to have galley proofs around the first week of March and the book to be available for purchase about two weeks after that. Stay tuned!

In the past I've put out a call for individual and corporate advertising sponsorships of this project to help offset the costs for printing the copies of the book that will be provided to the 50 or more contribute rs to the project. I was surprised when this call for sponsorships was so well received, and thus far nearly $300 in personal and corporate sponsorship funds have been donated. Donations have been made by individual readers of this blog, as well as by Otherworld Miniatures and Rogue Games. THANK YOU!!!

My own goal for sponsorship funds was $500, which is enough to cover most of the printing & shipping costs of 50 or so copies of the book. So, once again, I need to ask the community for their goodwill. If you are interested in sponsoring the project as an individual, please do! Any amount, no matter how small, will be deeply appreciated and you will recognized in the book as an Individual Sponsor of the project. Simply use the PayPal.com link below and donate what amount you feel comfortable giving. Thank you!

Furthermore, corporate advertising sponsorships are still available as well. If you would like to feature a full page or 1/2 page advertisement of your company, website, or blog - please contact me directly at jonathan dot jacobs at gmail dot com for details.

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  1. The Anthology is definitely shaping up to be an awesome showcase of what the RPG blogosphere has to offer!


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