February 4, 2009

International Journal of Roleplaying

For those of you out there who are interested in the more theorectical aspects of roleplaying and game design; as well as the social impact and placement of roleplaying games - check out the International Journal of Roleplaying. They just released their first issue as a freely downloadable PDF. It seems to be a fledgling journal with a legitimate academic interest in roleplaying as social medium. If you look at the review board, you will notice that nearly all of them are either postdocs or professors at universities around the globe.

Very interesting at the very least...


  1. I laughed at this being tagged "Crazy Ideas."

    But yeah, it is pretty interesting even if I'll probably never get any use of what I read there.

  2. Heh... yeah.. its a far too underused tag. I need to post more crazy ideas.

  3. It's been out for a while.

    Assuming Montola and Harviainen have not altered their writing style for the worse, at least their articles contain valuable material that has changed the way I look at roleplaying.

  4. Well, apparently I'm just out-of-the-loop. Similar comments were echoed here as well.

  5. @Jonathan - It's all the work on the Anthology that's put you out of the loop

  6. No worries, my response on the Google Group were not meant to call you out on being out if the loop! I just figured I'd pass on references to similar material.

    I think it is good it's getting recognition.


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