February 26, 2009

Worldwide D&D Game Day Blog Carnival

Wizards of the Coast will be kicking off its annual Worldwide D&D Game Day on March 21st, 2009. These events are cast as a hybrid mini-con / new release party / gaming event. It's good marketing for WotC too, as it brings together people into their local hobby, game, and book stores to play D&D, win free stuff, and buy the new releases.

My FLGS is Dream Wizards in Rockville, MD, and I'm planning on "covering" the event. I mean covering as in how the press media covers events as they happen. I doubt I'll be live blogging it, but I will be posting a story about my impressions of the event at Dream Wizards later that day or the following day.

I want to ask the rest of the RPG blogging community to do the same. Visit your local hobby or game store and cover the event as a blogger, player, DM, or simple observer; whatever suites you best. Need to know the closest location where the event is going to be hosted? Use the WotC Store & Event Locator service.

Now... Why would you want to do this?

Well, for one, I'm not proposing we do this as a means to prop up WotC in the blogosphere. I'm suggesting we do this ... for us. By visiting your local game stores, and connecting with the owner and operators of those stores, you increase your own presence in your community. You will make a new connection between the ether of the blogosphere and your physical local community. You can gauge the intrest other gamers have in "RPG blogging" or, if they didn't know or hadn't heard about our community, you can challenge them to visit your blog and check out what our community is all about.

Oh, and don't forget to prop up the RPG Bloggers Network. This is the proverbial firehose of the RPG blogging community.

If you are a blogger, and plan to cover the event then leave a comment here. A few days after the event I'll post a blog carnival round up of the event with links to everyone's blog and their coverage of their local scene. I'll also post a reminder about this carnival the week prior.
If you are NOT a blogger, but plan on attending... then let me know what you think of the event once it happens.

I think it will be very interesting to see how each different locale varies from one another. Where are the best game shops? Who had the most fun?


  1. I didn't think Dream Wizards had anything scheduled, at least in the formal RPGA sense. What activities do they have planned?

  2. Although the game has a much smaller fan base, March 20th is the official Spycraft day! It is a day to honor the art of espionage and play the game that is Spycraft. Check out The Agency Star dot com if you're interested in downloading flyers for it.

  3. Anonymous - here's a link to DW's google calendar.


    @SAM -- welcome back! Spycraft? cool! wish I had time to play that... reminds me of the ol'Top Secret game from the 80's. Is it at all like that? or more a d20 Modern spin off?

  4. @Jonathan

    Thanks. I didn't see them on WotC's RPGA calendar.

  5. I've got a meeting scheduled this Saturday with my local game store to discuss how I'm going to cover the event.

  6. excellent!

    I'll be covering the event as well at my FLGS - assuming my sister in law doesn't have her baby on the same day, then i'll be driving to NJ.

    Either way, I've also set up to interview the Dream Wizards' store owner on a day other than WWGDay - sometime mid-March. Should be interesting.

  7. why don't we all twitter from our events, whether playing or just watching/socialising? we could use a hashtag, say #dndday09 to make finding/reading the tweets easier.

  8. Due to scheduling issues... I can't attend the WWGD at my FLGS. So... VulcanStev (above) will be hosting all the links instead on his blog.

  9. I'll also be putting up pics on Twitter and Twitpic - want to use the same tag, #dndday09 ?

  10. soudns good!

    you should probably ping the RPG bloggers group on google with the same hash#

  11. Dice Monkey will be covering it. I'll be going over to Atlantis Games in Portsmouth, VA.

  12. My article is up http://vulcanstev.wordpress.com/2009/03/21/world-dd-day-2009-at-the-core/ We had a blast.


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