December 18, 2009

3 More Books To Boost Your Game Before The New Year

Yesterday I posted about three books that I thought might make great offline reading before the New Year for anyone looking to improve their game. But, while driving home I realized !~DING~! I forgot to mention the obvious choice: Open Game Table, Volume 1. I have no idea how I forgot to add that to the list - not only is it a project I helped organize, but it's a damn good book to revisit time and time again. Just check out the reviews! Oh, and did I mention that Open Game Table Volume 2 is in the works? I think so, and nominations can be made until January 15th.

There's one more book I'd like to suggest, but only for pre-ordering. Sarah Bowman is a professor at U.Texas I believe and has written a book on roleplaying games and its "function" in society. It is due out this coming January, 2010. I've tried to contact her in the hopes of getting a review copy of the book ahead of release - if successful you'll be sure to see a review and possibly an interview with the author posted here at The Core Mechanic in the near future.

Oh, and the third book? Well... that would either have to Gary Gygax's Role-Playing Mastery (circa 1987, out of print, but still available somehow), or Nevermet Press's latest eBook - The Desire from Ok, ok... maybe Gary's book won't help you... but NMP's eBook will!

Ok... that's probably enough about gamemastering / RPG theory books for while. Let me know if you have read any of these -- I'd love to hear your take!

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