December 22, 2009

Free Dwarven Rune #Font

My friend Paul King over at Creative Kingworks has created a free TrueType font of Dwarven Runes. Head over to his blog to download the file, you can preview the font below. This should make for some great DIY additions to your fantasy RPG campaign (assuming you have... dwarves in them...)

Have a good day!


  1. Those're Tolkien's creations! You just transposed the runes to our alphabet (which borders on being an id***) even if dwarves can't have our syllabic constitutions. You better apologize or you are i deep shit...

  2. The above person is right. Those runes (may I add) are taken from the Angerthas moria. If I'm you I'd take that out of this site, not that it carries a curse... It is just the property of the other guy, and if you're a man you'd show some respect. And, anyway, most runes dont have the case types (lower or a and higher or A) and Dwarves dont have an parallel counterpart o our alphabet.

  3. Actually the runes are based on Elder Futhark, which predates Tolkien by about 1500 years. Also the font is neither hosted nor credited to this site, you'd need to take it up with Paul King on the linked page. Also you're not fooling anyone into thinking you're two separate people.

    So, you know, nice try, jog on.


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