December 30, 2009

The Year In A Box

Inspired by a post by Rob Lang over at The Free RPG Blog - I decided to throw together a similar Year in a Box graphic for TCM.

Behold! A Year In A Box!

So, please accept many many thanks to you - the readers of this little blog - for all your continued support through the year. 756 comments?!? who knew?

Happy New Year To All!

New content on TCM will resume after the holidays.


  1. It's a brilliant box indeed! You've got some in there I missed out. Excellent work. Perhaps if others make them, it might be worth collating them.

    Putting a years worth of statistics together like this really makes you think - people are actually reading all this stuff! :)

  2. It's your idea Rob! I merely stole it for my own use! Collating it together would be cool! Maybe an idea for a t-shirt or coffee mug... mehh...


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