December 15, 2009

New TCM Site Design

TCM debuts a new site design! Kick the tires, let me know what you think. I was shooting for cleaner, nicer looking site with easy to read fonts, etc.

The old one is kludged, so there's no comparison... but if something is missing; please let me know. I'm still putting the pieces together, so there's always room for improvement.


  1. Like it. Clean, good font use for easy reading and colour provided by review adverts. Nice one.

  2. Funny thing is ... i realize AFTER THE FACT that the theme is the same one that is already been using for a while.

    Man i hate how the brain works sometimes. perhaps... flattery by imitation is the way to look at it? =/

  3. The new site design is looking great. If it wasn't so much work, I would love to look for a new design for my blog, too. But I am lazy these days. :)

  4. Honestly you can't really tell it's the same theme, you took a theme and changed it to your own. Now if you could change the theme of the Blogger comment system that would be win. If only so you can have consistent branding across the board.

  5. Thanks Tyson! Now.. hopefully... I've done that and it works?


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