December 31, 2009

2009 New Year's Gaming Resolutions - How Did I Do?

Last year I posted my new years gaming resolutions for 2009 and I'm happy to say that I pretty much hit every point save for one. Let's review -

Five Resolutions for RPG Blogging
  1. Finish and Publish the Anthology of Roleplaying Game Blogs. Done. Volume 1 of OGT was a minor success, and I'm already looking forward to putting together Vol. 2 with the help of the RPG blogging community.
  2. Get the Anthology in the hands of at least 5 people who own and operate friendly local gaming stores. Done. Retail distribution was a major goal of OGT - the whole idea being that the RPG blogging community should find a way to reach gamers in the aisles of hobby, game and book stores. Having the support of Studio 2 Publishing behind the Open Game Table project has been a hugely satisfying part - and has placed the book on the shelves on game stores across the universe... ok - maybe only a few... but still!
  3. Collaborate with RPG bloggers on a published game product. With the founding of Nevermet Press back in July, this goal was recently achieved with the publication of NMP's first eBook - Portrait of a Villain: The Desire. Hopefully we'll see more released in 2010!
  4. Pitch and get published at least one article for an RPG fanzine such as Dragon, Kobold Quarterly or Paladin. DONE. This goal was achieved in the summer of 2009 when Quinn Murphy, Michael Brewer and I co-authored a three-part 4E Skill Challenge article for Kobold Quarterly. Wohoo!
  5. Hit 500 Feedburner subscribers by the end of the year. FAIL. I stopped bloggin on TCM in July when I shifted my focus onto Nevermet Press. When it comes to blogging, content is king, and the lack of blogging here meant that the community size, reader base stopped growing. This was not unexpected - but on the bright side, since I've restarted blogging on TCM a few weeks ago the blog has seen about 100 new subscribers and 60 or so TCM Facebook fans. So... color me silly because I'm excited to see comments from so many new faces!
Five Resolutions for Gaming
  1. Game as a player in at least one table-top RPG campaign. DONE. I played in my wife's 4E campaign and I am currently playing in a friends Deadlands Reloaded (Savage Worlds) game - great fun! Being a player for while lets me recharge my GM batteries and gives me the extra time needed to blog well and work on Nevermet Press's development.
  2. Try at least two new table-top RPGs. FAIL. I only managed to try one new game: Savage Worlds - which rocks by the way. I did manage to pick up Star Wars SAGA - but never managed to get a game going. I also have Faery Tales in the queue - but I won't start gaming FT until this spring once my son gets back into the grove of things. I'm looking forward to that, should be great fun as the imaginations of kids can be off the charts.
  3. Start a Diablo III game, and game with people from the RPG blogging community. FAIL. Diablo III was not released in 2009, and it doesn't look like it will be out until 2011... so, I blame Blizzard on this one. =(
  4. Buy some new Dice. DONE. Actually, I got the new dice for free from Open Design as part of a promotion! Thanks Wolfgang!
  5. Try 4E D&D without miniatures. DONE. Tried it. It works. Players tend to do a lot of groaning and moaning though since so many rules have to be clobbered -- so it works best with zombie battles better than anything else.
What, if any, New Years Gaming Resolutions did you make last year?  How did you do? Let me know in the comments! I'd love to hear your side of the story!

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