January 3, 2010

@OpenGameTable V2 - The Ball is Rolling

Wohoo! 18 Peer Reviewers were selected from a surprisingly large number of applicants (over 30!!!). I sent out an initial welcome / ground-rules email today to them and to the OGT v2 Editorial Board. The board is comprised of myself, Berin Kinsman (www.unclebear.com), Ben McFarland (Open Design contributor), Kameron Franklin (www.pensandswords.com), and Tony Law (rpgcentric.com).

So far, over 300 nominations (many duplicates) have been received for Open Game Table Vol. 2 - already more than DOUBLE what I received last year! The deadline is January 15th .. so there's still plenty of time. If there anything out there in the blogosphere that has sparked your imagination, filled you with nerd rage, or made you yell OH WOW AWESHUM! Then by all means... nominate the post to the Anthology using this form:


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