January 5, 2010

2010 Blogging Goals & Resolutions

Well, here we are - 2010 CE. The year along make me feel like I'm living in a sci-fi novel from the 1960s. Last year I posted a set of New Year's resolutions for gaming, and last week I covered what I missed and where I met my goals. So, today - I'll do the same for 2010!

While personal resolutions at this time of year are all too often drop, abandoned or just ignored a few weeks into the new year ("I'm going to lose 10 pounds", "I'm going to stop drinking battery acid", etc) - resolutions for The Core Mechanic are a different thing altogether -- it's fun!!! Plus - you get to hold my feet to the fire next year!

So, what will I be trying to do this year?

TCM's Five Resolutions For 2010
  1. Publish Open Game Table Volume 2. It's obvious - I know - but this is my #1 goal for publishing this year. With luck, and tons of help and input from the blogging community, hopefully we'll see OGTv2 become a reality by the time GenCon 2010.
  2. Cover More Than Just D&D. I got into blogging about games by writing about RPGs - specifically D&D. But GAMING is a lot more than just D&D to me - so I'm going to work hard to push the envelope while trying not to alienate you: the fans and readers of TCM. I'm looking at board games, card games, and (importantly) games to play with your kids.
  3. Keep The Nevermet Presses Fired Up. Last year I co-founded Nevermet Press with Michael Brewer of Mad Brew Labs. After 60 days, and 60 illustrated articles of system independent content - NMP sorta seemed like it fizzled out. Well, it didn't - we just "went rogue" and focused on behind the scenes development and brainstorming. We've streamlined things, published our first eBook, and are getting ready to reignite the RSS feed over at nevermetpress.com sometime later this month. 
  4. Don't Stop Blogging. Last year I quit in July, only to restart in December. I have to admit, my time away from blogging has made me a bit rusty. It definitely feels like it did back in 2008, hopefully I'll stick with it and not get side tracked.
  5. Reach 500 RSS Subscribers. This was a goal for 2009, but I missed the mark by a few hundred - perhaps becuase I stopped blogging in July. In any case - active blogging is fueled by a sense of community, and I hope to reach 500 subscribers before the end of the year. Unlike some bloggers who write just for writings sake and don't care who reads their blogs - I on the otherhand don't have that particular type of personality and _do_ care that people are reading TCM. I write to share my experiences, and hopefully, hear about yours as well so that both of us my learn something.
That's about it! Wish me luck!

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