January 20, 2010

Gamers Help Haiti - Donate Today & Get Over $1300 Worth of Gaming Loot Too!

Donate $20 to Doctors Without Borders, and One Book Shelf will match it and give you over $1300 worth of RPG gaming eBooks and PDFs. I've attached the official press release from OBS at the bottom of this post.

That's right... One Book Shelf, Inc., the company behind RPGNow.com and RPGDriveThru.com is promoting a matching donation program that over 100 publishers have participating in (including me). It works like this:
  1. You Donate $20 using the link below.
  2. One Book Shelf, Inc. matches your donation and donates a total of $40 to Doctors Without Borders on your behalf.
  3. You download a eBook/PDF bundle that includes over 100 RPG PDFs from over 100 RPG game companies that would have a retail value of over $1300!!!
Yeah. Crazy isn't it? And it's all for a good cause too!

Not only am I participating by including the PDF version of Open Game Table, Vol. 1, but Nevermet Press is also participating with their recent 4E eBook Portraits of a Villain - The Desire. You'll also find great products from Kobold Quarterly, Third Eye Games, Adamant Entertainment, Arc Dream Publishing, Encompass, Fat Dragon Games, Highmoon Games, and many many more.

I mean.. just LOOK at all the PDFs you'll get just for donating your cash to help the efforts in Haiti!

There's more... but I got tired of linking the images... here's the press release I received:

Gamers Help Haiti! DriveThruRPG Offers a Mega-Bundle to Spur Donations 
Wednesday, January 20, 2010
DriveThruRPG announced a major incentive to the roleplaying gamer community today to incite donations to aid in rescue and recovery in Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Called the “Gamers Helping Haiti Bundle,” the product includes over a hundred products totaling over $1000.00 in retail value. For a simple donation of $20 – all of which goes to Doctors Without Borders to support their post-earthquake Haiti relief efforts – RPG fans can have this once-in-a-lifetime collection of gaming products.
DriveThruRPG already had opportunities to donate up and running within a day of the disaster. When publishers began asking how they could support the cause, the bundle was created to be an all-inclusive shared effort. Those who donated at the lesser levels won't be left out, however; gamers who have already donated $5 or $10 will be receiving a special coupon code that lets them pay the difference from their initial donation to get the bundle.
“We are humbled by the generosity of both our customers and our publishers,” said Sean Patrick Fannon, Marketing and Communications Manager for DriveThruRPG, “all of whom have stepped up at this time of terrible tragedy to offer aid to a desperate people. We are also very proud to facilitate these collective efforts, providing the necessary tools and technology to bring it all together.”
More than tools and tech, though, DriveThruRPG is really putting their money where their mouth is, so to speak. “We have always believed in the power of giving and sharing to make the world a better place,” said Steve Wieck, President and co-owner of the site. “To that end, we are matching funds with everyone who's making a straight donation at the $5 and $10 level.”
There is no set date for terminating the donation efforts, though the bundle will only be available until the end of January.
Anyone wishing more information about this effort, or about DriveThruRPG overall, should contact Sean Patrick Fannon at sean@onebookshelf.com or his mobile, 614-946-9371.

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