January 11, 2010

FIVE DAYS LEFT For Open Game Table Nominations

Nominations for Open Game Table Volume 2 are closing soon! The last day to nominate your favorite roleplaying game blog post or other gaming article is this Friday, January 15th! You can nominate blog posts at the URL below:


So search your RPG Reddits.

Look into your RPG Del.icio.us bookmarks.

Dig into your RPG Diggs.

And review your Google Bookmarks.

Wherever you save them -- please take a few minutes -- and send in your favorite posts!

It doesn't have to be just from 2009. Older posts you love are great.

It doesn't have to be from a die hard RPG blog. It might just make you chuckle.

It just has to be something you read about RPGs that you loved - something that sparked your imagination - something made you stop and think - something that you shared with others.

Something you think deserves being cataloged in an Anthology.

Because that's what Open Game Table aims to be - an Anthology of the community.
If nothing else, Open Game Table hopes to bring the juicy best parts of the RPG blogging community to gamers everywhere who are lost, like little helpless sheep in the aisles of their FLGS.
Lets put another volume on that shelf and make them stop, and think, and inspire their imaginations. Let us together bring the creative energy of the RPG blogging community to places that don't depend on PageRank or PostRank. Let us, together, bring our community into the hands and minds of gamers looking for something truly remarkable and unexpected. Let us, together, join our creative energies and become something that is greater than the parts!
What was it for you? What blew you away? What post made your head explode?
Nominate it before Friday so the OGT Peer Review Panel can read it too, and hopefully their heads will explode with joy and exuberance!!!

OK... I know... I'm getting a bit carried away here... =P

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