January 24, 2010

Kobold Quarterly is FREE

That's right. You can get Kobold Quarterly for Free!!!

No strings attached! No complicated contracts or licensing agreements! No prenuptuals! No saving throws! You won't even need to use any healing surges! [1]

All you need to do is go to a super secret page at Kobold Quarterly's website, and purchase the PDF version of KQ #10. At check out use the code "KQ10Free", and POOF! You instantly make your save vs. charm roll and KQ10 (in PDF form) is completely free of charge.

Act now because those crafty Kobolds will start charging you after January 31st! Oh.. it's the issue that includes my own work too: a collection of skill challenges for 4E I collaborated on with MadBrewLabs and At-Will. So - check it out!

And if you like what you see - consider subscribing to this fine magazine!

Here's the email I got from them - just in case you think I've made my bluff check:
Hi Jonathan:

Just wanted to let you know that we're launching a special offer today at Kobold Quarterly that your readers might be interested in taking advantage of. From now through January 31, they can go to the KQ Store and use the coupon code KQ10Free to download a free PDF copy of Kobold Quarterly #10.

Issue #10 features an interview with Paizo's Jason Bulmahn, Ed Greenwood's Dwarven Goddess, Ecology of the Hill Giant, John Wick's unique (and slightly disturbing) take on Halflings, Secrets of the Halberd, Monte Cook's Game Theories, Rampant Elf Lust, and more. We think it's one of the best issues we've ever done, and if you're inclined to share the coupon code on your blog, we hope it gives your readers some useful and entertaining content.

If you have any questions about Kobold Quarterly, this offer, or whether Wolfgang really does have a magical workshop in the basement full of clockwork monstrosities, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Shelly Baur
Kobold Minion #1

[1] You might actually use a few healing surges if you're a kobold yourself. Quartering up a kobold might not really sit well with you, and you might end up getting the hebejeebees... 

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