February 1, 2009

RPG Blog Carnival: Monsters & Map Madness!!!

Well, according to the schedule - it's my turn again to host the monthly RPG Blog Carnival. Wohoo! Last month, Berin Kinsman from UncleBear.com hosted the carnival with "RPG Blog Carnival: New Year’s Gaming Goals and Resolutions". His end of the month summary was just published and can be found here.

As many of you know, I'm working hard at getting the RPG blog anthology finished and published. These things take time, but suffice to know that I've added another artist to the existing team of volunteer artists (7 total) and all the chapters of the anthology are now done and in draft form. The editors and I are now going over it with a fine tooth comb to copy edit the text while we wait for the last (excellent!) pieces of artwork to come in. Hopefully by the 15th I'll have everything in place for a final round of proofs.

So, what does the Anthology have to do with this month's RPG blog carnival? 

Well, some time ago - early in the project - I did some market research to find out what people wanted in the Anthology. One of the top categories was "Maps" and another was "Monsters". The problem was that these categories were extremely underrepresented in the RPG blogosphere. Basically, the blog readers love these posts but we blog authors rarely post new maps or monsters for our readers to consume. So... to help encourage more MAPS and MONSTERS in the blogosphere I'm dedicating this months topic for the RPG Blog Carnival to the following:
"Post something that includes at least one map and one new monster for any RPG game system."
What do you think? Hopefully if the Anthology has a second volume for next year this month's carnival will answer what the readers want.

Don't know how to participate in the Carnival? Simply blog about something that fits the above topic and link back to this post here at The Core Mechanic to indicate you are participating. Also, leave a comment here so that people can find your blog post as the month progresses. At the end of the month, when the carnival closes, I'll post a wrap up of all the participants and blog posts. Its going to be MONSTER & MAP MADNESS!!!

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  1. I haven't gotten around to submitting anything to any of the previous carnivals, but I dare say I have the monster part covered. I'll just have to throw a map into one of this month's Weekly What the Hecks...

  2. Yeah, I cover it regularly, too :P Heck, I steal his weekly WTH for some of them lol

    Monsters I've Made & the Maps I've put them in.

    Both of those are entire categories but... well, there's quite a few posts for them each.

  3. Maybe some of the people who entered Paizo's Map Open call have a few extra maps that they could post.

  4. Sweet! Thanks for the links to the existing new maps and monsters!

    @Bonemaster - any idea who these folks might be? Is there an online gallery of these maps anywhere?

  5. Cool concept. Let me see if I can map out a monster of a post.

  6. *groans* Johnn, stop being so impish.

    I'm in. I'll start work on an adventure site for sometime mid-month.

  7. My first Carnival post ever is up. Learn all about Rufus "Pegleg" Drunkbeard and his tavern, "The Angry Dwarf" at newbiedm.wordpress.com


  8. So I have put up two separate posts for the carnival, one with a mysterious map and one with a nasty monster for my infernal campaign (which the players will be meeting this week, bless 'em).

  9. Hey, I'm also going to whip up something for the carnival!

  10. I'm working on my first post for the Carnival. Monsters for use in Pirates of the Spanish Main.

  11. Sweet! I'm glad so many people are contributing this month! Its going to be an interesting write up I expect... like a mini monster manual.

  12. New to the Blog Carnival. Just letting you know that I got my post for the carnival up at my blog http://vulcanstev.wordpress.com/2009/02/12/rpg-blog-carnival-maps-and-monsters/

  13. Sorry didn't actually link it in my last post. Here's the link

  14. Here's my contribution.

    If I can find a decent way of scanning in some of the maps I've drawn over the years I'll get a post up with those as well. Only problem being they are all drawn on A3 sized paper and my scanner is only A4 sized :(

  15. I'm pretty sure Kinko's or other similar stores have self-service scanning services that extremely cheap. I remember having to scan in something once that was a on a huge 36" sheet of paper - i went o kinkos selfserve and it was like $2 for a TIFF image of it.

  16. I've posted my adventure from WinterWar which includes 2 levels of mapped Tucker's Kobold goodness and a Lovecraftian BBEM straight from Raggi's RECG.


  17. I did a review of the E-Adventures Tile Mapper.

  18. And sliding just under the wire... some undead maps for the carnival.

    An undead map and a maplike monster for your 4E players.

  19. Here is my contribution. I used Photoshop to create a world map.

  20. Thanks everyone! Today is the last day for submissions to the carnival!...

    @madbrew -- "Sorry, no posts matched your criteria." is what I get when I click that link.

  21. Yeah, I posted my comment before my article was scheduled to post. Should work now.

  22. Well, I don't have a map, but I do have monsters! Does that count?

    My writeup of Utsuho, the final boss of Subterranean Animism:


    Kuannei, a world-ending "Scourge" monster with fluff, omens, and stats for every tier:


    And sort of a retrospective look at other things:


  23. Got delayed, but my submission for the February carnival has finally gone up at Campaign Mastery. It was a monster in more ways than one, but hopefully it was worth the extra day's wait....


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