February 12, 2009

RSS Feed Moved

I moved my RSS feed to Google/Feedburner this morning and I noticed the address is different from my old Feedburner address.

Please update your subscriptions / feed readers / blog rolls etc.

The new feed is located at http://feeds2.feedburner.com/TheCoreMechanic


  1. I moved mine over this morning, too. Will that affect my gravatar?

    On an unrelated note (sorry), how do I officially submit something to the Blog Carnival? I don't see any guidelines, but the incredible encounter I posted last night would be a candidate for monsters and maps.

    Thanks, Jonathan!

  2. @RPG Ike: Just go to the original post for the Carnival this month and place a comment with a link.

  3. yeah... or even simply link back to the carnival announcement page and Technorati or google blog search will find it using the link: tag.

    of course, leaving a comment is the safest way to go.


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