December 7, 2009

Open Game Table, Vol. 2 CALL FOR NOMINATIONS

After a lengthy period of consideration, and perhaps in response to the nudging from many of the people on this list, I've decided to go forward with Open Game Table Vol. 2 for target release of Summer 2010. The good news is that Vol.2 will be released simultaneously as an eBook and with retail print distribution via Studio 2 Publishing. So, I'm looking forward to a much smoother release this time around.

Now the fun part begins.

As was done for Volume 1 - the creation of the manuscript is proceeded by two important steps:
  1. The assembly of an independent peer review panel (bloggers, game designers, developers, artists, fans all welcome)
  2. The receiving of blog post nominations.

The submission deadline for open nominations of blog posts closes January 15th, 2010. I've streamlined the submission process so that all you need to is submit a valid URL. Up to 5 per submission form can be accommodated; but there's no limit to how many you can send in. The nomination form, and more information, can be found here.

The application period for being a peer reviewers closes December 31st, 2009. These individuals will be responsible for reading the entries (not all of them mind you, I will spread the word count around) and interacting with me during the final decision making process. If chosen, your names will be withheld until publication of the book. If you are interested, please click here for more information and to submit your information.

ATTENTION BLOGGERS: If you have an RPG blog -- I want to strongly encourage you to announce the nomination process to your readers. Include the links above and what ever other info you want. The broader the net we cast for nominations, the better - so I need to rely on your help to spread the word. Getting Vol.2 off the ground is going to depend on the participation of the entire RPG blogging community.


ATTENTION TCM READERS: I will not be submitting anything from TCM myself. However; if I have written something in the past that you thought was "Wow! Cool!" or otherwise worthy of being included in the anthology - please feel free to nominate it! The peer reviewers all swear with a blood oath to be impartial to reviewing my content. No really.. they do.


One more note: Although Open Game Table does not have it's own dedicated blog or website, you can follow OGT's development progress by subscribing to it's twitter feed. Just search for @opengametable. There's also a Facebook fan page, so you can share the love on FB too by becoming an OGT Fan!

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