December 3, 2008


Below you will find a list of all 135 RPG blog posts that have been nominated to the 2008 Anthology of Roleplaying Game Blogs. The submission deadline for nominations, surveys, and volunteering was Monday, December 1st. 42 people made nominations, and there were a large number of anonymous nominations as well. Everyone pitched in - a real success!

As promised, one lucky person who nominated a blog for inclusion to the Anthology will be receiving a free-copy of the book once it is published. Based on a random drawing of entries to the Anthology... the winner is...

for the nomination of
Sham's Grog 'N Blog's "Memories of Games Past"


"I would hope that the anthology will feature at least a few posts from players who have been around the hobby for a long time. That, and stories from around the gaming table are always fun (at least to me, anyway). I feel this one in particular is incredibly unique; not only is it a story about perhaps the most infamous D&D module, but it's probably the only game story I've heard where an audience watched the action unfold." -- Matthew Conway.
Mr. Conway will receive one free-copy of the Anthology once it is published. He will also have the option to purchase up to five additional copies of the book at 50% off the list price. And finally, he has been asked to suggest a friendly local gaming store (FLGS) that will also receive a free copy of the book to review. Congrats again!!!

The task in front of me now, and of 14 dedicated RPG blog enthusiasts (who will remain anonymous unless they choose otherwise), is to score all the 135 nominations so that we can decide which of these blog posts will make be chosen to be included into the final printed Anthology. The final number that will be accepted has not been determined (it depends on page limitations, etc), but I'm expecting it to be under 50. Let's just say that December is going to be a busy month.


  1. Congrats to Mr. Conway! Looking forward to seeing the collection once you've got it sorted out, great job Jonathan!

  2. Whoa. Pretty weird seeing my name up in lights like that. By 'lights' I obviously mean large, bold faced font. Ahem.

  3. My pleasure to do so Matt! Thanks for all your support now and in the past. Stay tuned! More Anthology coolness is in the works!

  4. I feel rather numb after being off the interwebs for so long, but even if I sin of being a tad off topic, I'd like to leave my congratulations to Jonathan (and his group of anonymous friends) for such an inspiring (and bloody interesting) endeavour...

    And of course a big congratulations to Mr. Conway for helping this new enterprise and also for wining the prize. I wish you rare loot and solo expees.

    Alright, off-topic done.
    Glad to see there are some people using their time far better than I am.


  5. "Below you will find a list of all 135 RPG blog posts that have been nominated..."

    I could just be blind, but I'm looking for the list and I don't see it anywhere. Did Blogspot eat it?

  6. DOH!

    copy/edit FAIL!

    I meant to remove that. I'll be releasing the list once the reviews are done, first week of January.

  7. No problem! That just means there is a nice New Year's feast of recommended reading to look forward to.


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