December 13, 2008

Around the blogs...

Saturday morning == links to what I've been reading all week! Enjoy! And let me know if there's something I missed or you especially enjoyed yourself.
  1. Wyatt over at Turbulent Thoughts posted "Alignment: The Phony Issue", which was timely since I'm still developing an article about alignment for Polymancer. He basically praises 4E for getting alignment "out of the way" and offers up several reasons explanations why this is a good thing. "Teamkiller Fucktards" FTW!
  2. Zachary posts "Is This a RPG Magazine Renaissance?" over at RPG Blog II. Some good insight as to the current-state-of-the-RPGs - and maybe a window into things to come. This post goes well with Berin Kinsman's "Roleplaying’s Next Big Thing" which I also thoroughly enjoyed.
  3. The 4th edition of Dungeons & Dragons is fantastic for old school-style sandbox campaigns." I simply could not agree more.
  4.  Finally, along a completely different line of thinking, GnomeStew author Patrick Benson posts "The Setting is not the Role Playing" where he points out the important difference between roleplaying and setting development. Not many supplements are aimed at developing roleplaying - more often they are setting development sources.
Probably my shortest "Around the Blogs..." what can I say? I've been busy with this Anthology project, yeah?

Have a great weekend!


  1. Actually, the T.T. post should be credited to "Andrewplus", one of my new staff guys who's been taking the helm since finals crushed me and spat out the bits. But thanks for the mention nonetheless!

  2. Thanks again, Jonathan--it's nice on Saturday mornings to get to review some articles I may have missed during the week.


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