December 15, 2008

Good People Are Still Out There...

I rarely do two posts in one day.. but this one I just HAD to throw up here because its just so damn cool!

I'm very (VERY!) happy to report that we've had our first _real_ sponsor of the project. Mr. Baron, the blogger who write The Grumblin' Grognard, has donated $50 to my paypal account in support of this project. Everyone please give him a huge thanks! Mr Baron writes,
"Thanks for the detailed response. I had picked up on some of this, but it was still nice to see the summary that you sent to me. I am fully aligned to the goals and objectives that you have laided out. I have just started my own specific gaming blog, and anything I can do to increase the readership of my own blog is something I want to support. I also fully agree that some of the blogs on the net are very good, and are superior in many ways to the internet message boards, although there are some high quality posts there as well. With this in mind, I am going to donate $50 up front to help you with this project, which I will do via paypal shortly. The only thing that I will ask is that my blog also be listed next to my name, which I hope is possible. Also, I really like the idea of providing books to the various gaming stores. I have one in my area, Fat Ogre Games and Comics, and I would be willing to buy a couple of books for the store specifically for display purposes. I will have a follow up conversation with the owner Rob, who is a good friend of mine, on this to see what is the best way to do this."
You can find his blog at the URL below Generosity like this just makes me glad to be a human. Wohoo! If anyone else is interested in supporting the RPG Anthology project, please see this post from earlier in the week.


  1. That was a really cool gesture. And the guy has a solid blog to boot.

  2. First off, I want to thank Jonathan for taking the time to kick off this project. Hopefully this will be a success, and we will see future anothologies published.

    This is something that I think is important to the blogging community. There is so much good information being posted on a daily basis, that we need to make an effort to save some of it, and record the blogs that are out on the net.

    Sometimes it just takes one person to get the donations going, and I hope that there will be more to follow.

    Looking forward to seeing the final result!


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