December 11, 2008

I HEART Gygaxian Naturalism - RPG Anthology Fundraiser

In an effort to raise money to help cover the costs of the upcoming 2008 Anthology of Roleplaying Game Blogs, I've opened a "store" (chuckles) at and plan to offer a few fund-raising items that carry the theme "icons of the RPG blogosphere". The first two of these are shown below.

"What costs?" you may ask? Well, first and foremost I want to offer each of the contributing authors, artists, and volunteers for the Anthology (at a very minimum) a free copy of the book. In addition, I hope to offer each of them the option to choose their favorite local, independently owned gaming store as the recipient of a second copy of the book on their behalf. This will be good for the publicity of the book and also possibly generate some positive reviews from non-blogophiles (a major goal of the project).

The cost of printing these books is expected to be about $5.50 each (a discussion can be found here); thus for 30-odd authors (an estimate), 10 to 15 volunteers, and 50 or so FLGS's I'll need to raise about $550 plus the costs of shipping, etc. Its not a huge amount of money - rather cheap actually - but it's also not something I able to supply at the moment. This is where, hopefully, you can make a difference.

Below you will find two items that, should you find the generosity or spirit to purchase, will help support the Anthology project immensely. Please take a moment to consider each of them. Direct sponsorship of the Anthology project is also welcomed (please see below). Any and all funds received will be used, in their entirety, on the successful production and promotion of the Anthology. I'm not in this for personal gain - the satisfaction of seeing this Anthology published will be reward enough

Shown below are a bumper-sticker and a T-shirt that pay tribute to James Maliszewski, RPG designer and blogger of Grognardia. His post about so-called "Gygaxian Naturalism" sparked one of the longest threads I've seen on's Community Forums; and prompted me and several other RPG bloggers to write about the same topic as well. I'll also tell you that many, if not ALL of the Anthology Reviewers have simply loved James' post. Thus, the idea popped into my head to make a T-shirt that might raise some money to support the Anthology project and highlight a gem of the RPG blogging community.

Cool, midweight 100% cotton available in a XS to 4XL sizes. $8.99 of the cost is's cut, and the remaining $3.00 will go to help support the Anthology.

These high-quality 3" x 5" stickers are printed on 4mil vinyl using water and UV resistant inks – meaning no fading in the sun or bleeding in the rain. $2.99 of the cost is's cut, and the remaining $1.00 will go to help support the Anthology.

Readers who are interested in directly sponsoring the Anthology of Roleplaying Game Blogs project are welcome to donate whatever amount they feel comfortable with. Sponsors of the project will be highlighted in the Anthology once it is published; and you will have the the deepest gratitude from myself and the volunteers who are working so hard to make this project a reality. If you would like more information on direct sponsorships or advertising possibilities, you may also contact me directly by email: jonathan DOT jacobs AT gmail DOT com. Thank you!

Note - In case any of you are wondering - I contacted James Maliszewski prior to posting this to get his "blessing" to go ahead and use a phrase he coined.

Final note - gaming content will return to The Core Mechanic very soon...

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