December 20, 2008

Around the Blogs...

Saturday morning means its time to review what I've been reading...
  1. Christmas Gift Lists - If you are looking for something for that old, fat grognard in your life then definitely check out this list of gifts titled "A Grognard Christmas" over at Grognardia. For those young, bright-eyed MtG carrying, 4E playing hipsters out there - I would suggest the 2008 Holiday Gift Guide. It even sounds like its more mainstream. Either way, both lists are great and I've sent them to my own personal Santa's (although I don't think they are sympathetic to my needs).
  2. PALADINS - A new RPG blogger, The Grumblin' Grognard, has been writing a great series "The Paladin (Part 1A)". The whole series reminds me somewhat of the one I wrote on clerics - but its even more detailed and brings in a historical and literary perspective which I'm really enjoying. To find the additional articles in this series you'll have to dig around in his archive, but I believe he is up to Part 4 at this point.
  3. Skill Challenges - There is of course the series on The Skill Challenges of War being hosted here at The Core Mechanic. In addition, for those prone to failure there is "The Three Rules of Failure in Skill Challenges" by Asmor. He provides a good, yet simple, set of three points to help guide any DM in designing skill challenges.
  4. Being a Better Blogger - if you are an RPG blogger (or a blogger of any animal) then you must check out Mad Brew Labs series on RPG Blogging Tools. Currently in its third installment, he covers writing tips and blog setup issues. The shear amount of links to other blogging resources is amazing - but Mad Brew's clarity and depth of knowledge makes it a must-read. It also makes an excellent companion read to Yehuda's "Why I Am Not (But Still Am) a Professional Blogger".
  5. DM Writer's Block - Have you lost your gamemastering ways? Are you feeling like your adventures are becoming as preplanned as the Magic Maze on the back of a box of Captain Crunch? Well, have no fear because all you need to do is read A Butterfly Dreaming's post "Brainstorming an Adventure". Couple this with "Free images to spice up your game" by The Free RPG Blog and you'll be all fixed up.
Well, that's about it for this week! I hope everyone has enjoyed the appearance of guest writers here at The Core Mechanic this week! I know I have, all of the articles have been top-notch. If you are interested in guest writing for The Core Mechanic, send me a pitch at jonathan DOT jacobs AT gmail DOT com.

Happy Holidays!


  1. Sweet, thanks for the link love! I guess I kind of get linked twice since you put the Skill Challenges of War in there too;)

  2. Thank you for the links! The RPG blogging tools link and 'Why I Am not...' will be a good read for today. :)

  3. My pleasure! Saturday is the day I go link crazy!


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