December 29, 2008

The Skill Challenges of War - Part 9: A Forceful Seizure

It's gamefiend again! This skill challenge requires the PCs to acquire something vital from the enemy camp. There are options to go stealth, or to go in full brute force, or to mix approaches. I hope you find it useful. Previous articles in the Skill Challenges of War series:

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A Forceful Seizure
The players have been tasked to capture an item of great significance for the war effort. The only problem is that it's in the enemy camp.

Complexity: 2 (6 successes before 3 failures)

Encounter Level: PC Level+1

Goal: Capture the item by infiltrating the enemy camp before acuumulating three failures.

Skills used:

History (moderate DC, maximum of 1 success): Your knowledge of the area allows your plans to be more effective.

Athletics (hard DC, maximum of 2 successes): You must move as quickly as you can to capture the item.

Endurance (hard DC, maximum of 2 successes): Sometimes you must outlast your foe. Patience will give you the opportunity you need. +2 to your next Stealth check.

Stealth (hard DC+4,counts as two successes): Like ghosts, you slip past your enemy towards your goal. If you fail this check, a Full-On Assault check must be made immediately after.

Intimidate (hard DC, maximum one success, counts as two successes): 'Do you know who we are? You would do best to let us pass.' +2 to your next Bluff check.

Bluff (moderate DC, maximum two successes): You create a distraction to get the enemy looking for something else, somewhere else. +2 to your next Outmanuever check.

Arcana (moderate DC, maximum of one success): You can sense the item's presence, and direct your companions to it.

Insight (moderate DC, does not count towards successes or failures maximum of two rolls): The troops are mosst likely distracted by other matters, and you plan to use that to your advantage. +2 to your next Bluff or Stealth check

Perception (moderate DC, does not count towards successes or failures, maximum of two rolls): You take a moment to survey the area before taking your next move. +2 to your next Athletics or Full-On Assault check.

Full-On Assault (Basic melee attack vs (troop AC+2), counts as two successes) You decide to take the enemy full on, charging in. If you fail this check, everyone in the party loses two healing surges.
OutManuever (Intelligence+4 vs (troop will), counts as two successes): You move past the enemy before they can regroup.
If you fail this check, the entire party loses two healing surges.

Success: You find the item and escape.
Failure: You are unable to procure the item, and are captured by the enemy.

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